asked questions

Q. Are products tested for pesticides during manufacturing?
A. Our products are tested before during and after the manufacturing processes for pesticides and heavy metals.
Q. How is your Oil made?

A. First we source high quality flower from our sustainable cultivator parters – It is Tested for pesticides & heavy metals and once the test results come back guaranteeing that it is safe it is extracted with liquid Co2 – We then Remove non bioactive compounds resulting in a clear cannabinoid distillite. Next we reintroduce the cannabis terpenes we extracted at the beginning with cannabis distilite to make a vapable oil. Occasionally we will add fruit flavor to enhance the natural flavor of the cannabis.

Q: What is your cartidge made of.

A: Glass, lead free metal alloy, cotton wick, ceramic heating element.

Q. Can I use my cartridge on any battery?

A. Yes. Any 510 Thread battery will work.

Q. What is CO2 Distilate

A. Co2 is used to extract the bioctive cannabis compounds from the plant. The distillite is the purified form. It results in a cleaner oil with less plant contaminants and it is also safer for our employees because it is not explosive like petroleum based processes.

Q. What are terpenes?

A. Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons found in cannabis. There are about 140 of these terpenes and they provide the aroma to cannabis. In addition to smell, they also add medical benefits and are responsible for some of the effects you feel from the cannabis. There are also flavonoids and terpenoids that carry anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities.

Q. What terpenes do you have in your Oil

A. Naturally occurring terpenes from our plant matter and occasionally we add natural fruit terpenes to enhance the flavor profile of certain strains.

Q. How Does a Vaporizer work?

A. “Vaping” is a preferred method over burning flower because of convenience, discretion, and minimizing carcinogens that are extracted out in our process. It’s starts with the battery which provides power or electricity through a wire coil surrounding organic cotton. The wire heats the oils collected on the cotton it surrounds, which has been absorbed by organic cotton.

Q. When I take a hit it seems a little harsh and makes me cough, why is that?

A. That’s due to the high level of terpenes. Terpenes can cause a tickling in the throat. It’s a good thing that you feel this, as this is what’s providing the medical benefits to your body. We’ve added a lot of airflow to our cartridge to help to minimize this by cooling down the vapor as it enters your lungs.

Q. Should I recycle my used cartridges?

A. Our cartridges are made of surgical steel and glass with the only exception being the silicone O-Ring which is made from surgical silicone. There is no plastic in the cartridge that would restrict recycling, although we recommend you check with your recycling company to find out if they accept items such as this.

Q. My cartridge seems clogged – what do I do to fix it?

A. Press the ON button and blow into the air intake holes. Repeat this several times if necessary to ensure the chamber is clear.